sub.Mission4 Blastoff

(photo of and by hipHopTorae)
The forth installation in the monthly that just gets more and more sick. This Denver dubStep premier brought out San Franciscan Djunya. He brought out a lighter but still thick and heavy dub sound that really made the small downtown Denver, Kazmos, BUMP in the night. Def check out the video and pictures on this one, and if you have not made it out to a Sub.Mish event get your ass out there and shred it up with the best!!!!! Be sure not to miss OSC (Roommate & Antiserum) plus all of your favorite Denver DubSteppin locals at Sub.mission.5!

You gotta watch this video. (Its not all dark just the first 5 seconds) Near the last 30 seconds when Djunya does the final breakdown everyone was going fucking NUTS! Its off-the-hook-dub-steppin-shreddin-it-up!!

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