do you have a ghetto obsession?

are you just obsessed with those big booties? those krunky beats? them big chains and all that rap music? you may just have a ghetto obsession... here are more remixes and versions of the infamous french surkin track "ghetto obsession" that i posted in the electroDubStep bloglett plez enjoi them and stuff.

>Surkin - Ghetto Obsession (Original 2006 Vrsn)
>Surkin - Ghetto Obsession (Scraaatch Redo) [aka crazy creek]
>Surkin - And You Too [from the EP]
>Surkin - Ghetto Obsession (Beta Vrsn) [just in case you forgot]

pimp money gimps clues jerks this is tits hoes

check his myspace yo

the real lyrics to ghetto obsession are on there.... but i can't get the link to work.. if anyone can and wants to relay them to me... you should i'm totally curious.


gameboye synth awesome

CRYSTAL CASTLES ROCK MY ATARI IZZZOUT. I'll admit i'm not a HUGE fan of the "8-bit genre" but crystal castles is a def exception. how can I even describe their music... its... just cool and stuff... i probably like them because they are so weird.

Str8 from canadia Crystal Castles was an "accidental formation," and has become supr popular in the music blog scene. The band has recently done some collaboration with the electro band Health.

The track "Alice Practices" is actually crystal castle's first "ep" --apparently alice [the singer] didn't even know ethan [the multi-instrument master] was recording her at the time.

plez enjoi: crystal castles

>air war - crystal castles [!!!]
>knights - crystal castles
>Alice practices - crystal castles
>crimewave (crystal castles vs health) - health

ok good

heres thr myspace

i got short breaths i got torn eyelids

and you can buy there album here

what what what ?! bonus bonus bonus bonus track?!

dubstep + nintendo
>Mario whatStep Legend of Zelda - A2dGee

i really hope yr brains are exploding at this point


modeselektor!!!!!!! the two essential questions: are they super sick? and did they influence the decision to name my blog "selektor1"? the answers: yes and yes!!! cuz they is so awesome. before i even get started here i am going to highly suggest the purchase of "Hello Mom!" the album is f*ng amazing period.

they are in fact also associated w/ bPitch Control (ellen Allien's label --berlin being the shared hometown for this homedogs). they do much work with french hip hop hipsters; TTC (more on them to come). Dancing box is probably on of my fav tracks ever. plez enjoi.

>Dancing Box feat TTC - Modeselektor
>Un Bande de Mec Sympa (prod by Modeselektor) - TTC
>Tetris Pack - Modeselektor

whomp whomp whomp click clack whomp whomp

modeselktor's website

clap clap clap for tokyo

some new-ish additions to my mp3player. a tokyo police club remx (the rest of their music isn't really all that cool). an off beat cool minimalistic sounding track "we love tokyo" and a plus move track that i just feel was related. plus move is pretty cool. pretty electroey... i like that. plez enjoi.

>Clap Your Brains Off - Plus Move
>Cheer It On (trey hold em' rmx) - Tokyo Police Club
>We Love Tokyo - Golden Bug

pack a gees hit the block?

the golden bug myspace
plus move myspace


sci-fi freq or too many cats?

in case you didn't catch on i'm kind of a sci-fi freq.. but whatever this shit is funny as hell! this show dubs over old badly written sci-fi flicks. ignore the skits between the actual movie part the show is funny as hell but the transitions between are terrible. in any case. heres some links. plez enjoi.

Random Episodes

i've enjoyed almost every one i've seen but here are some suggestions:
go for the ones staring "mike" as the victim... those tend to be a little funnier.


ode to M.I.A.

if you haven't heard of her yet: then get with it. she's the shizzz for sure. she's a brazilian pop musician; very grimy, very political, very artistic, very f*in cool. both "arular" (2005) and her new album kala (2007) are incredible albums of grimy hot beats. I just bought "kala" the other day and i am thoroughly impressed. i was a little skeptical since arular was so amazing; she created it when she met Diplo at a club in london and they definitely created something amazing.

the new album kala is only 7.99 on itunes (and even tho thats not buying it straight from her [where it costs $18 w/ shipping) and I would highly highly recommend it [!!!] the tracks on it range from 2-step garrage sounds like the track "boyz" (produced with Switch also topping the charts all over [except america, of course, where the general public doesn't really appreciate music]). While there are clear dubstep elements in "20 dollar" (which probably come from working with Switch) to sounds that bring ABBA flash backs into my mind (although M.I.A. fuckin rocks it grime style) (in "Jimmy") (made the tokyo hot 100). This album is so fucking cool; I'm so excited to have purchased it. M.I.A.'s first mixtape was known as "Piracy is Terrorism" --which I don't entirely agree with... but I will once again reiterate; you should buy her fucking albums!!! they are both totally worth it!!!!! i'm only sampling music of hers so that you will buy her fucking albums ok!
thnx love _johnnylectric

>Sunshowers - M.I.A
>Sunshowers (Surkin Rmx) - M.I.A
>Bucky Done Gone - M.I.A
>20 Dollar - M.I.A. [!!!]

heres her website
and her frekken myspace

sunshowers is evidently about stopping gun violence....
god i love her



amazing movie
amazing book

the book was actually written at the same time as the movie, stanley kubric is a genius. instead of writing out a screen play he collaborated with author c. clark to create this amazing masterpiece. plez enjoi videos (1st one feat Halycon On and On by Orbital) (2nd is a short documentary).

minimal? why wld yu wnt somethng t be mre mnml?

mnml... i'm not 100% on the minimal bandwagon. minimal is characterized by its small clicks and beeps sound... you really kind of have to hear it to know the sound.
if you really want to get technical about it:

heres the wikipedia definition

they do a pretty good job of capitulating its meaning linguistically.

there is a lot of good minimal out there; i find its best found track by track; just like any genre really. i feel like minimal is better used as an element; like in Promofunk (by soft pink truth). there are def good artists out thr that are considered "minimal" or have strong elements of mnml that are great. some of them that come to mind are; Postal Service, James Figurine, Telepopmusik (french... of course) (on a side note telepopmusik is classically concidered trip hop but you can definitely hear the influence), metronomy does alot of cool stuff to, neavous noise. as far as albums go "genetic World" by telepop is really good; but not totally minimal (pulls as said elements from) --it really does fall more into that trip hop genre. Mnml. yeah.

ps [!!!] from now on means "highly suggested listening"

>Cinnte - Nouveau Noise
>Metronomy - This Could be Beautiful (it is_)
>Telepopmusik - Love can Damage yr Health
>Prefuse 73 - No Origin [!!!]
>Clickits - Audro

go team venture!

Venture Bros
so good it hurts. from adultSwim. its just really good. thought i'd share that. because it is. anyway... heres some links:

season 1 (partial)

season 2



throw down that swing beat

some seckness right hur. Flying lotus; hipHop pruducer and AMAZING musician. Def check out this guys myspace.. s t u n t (a rmx of one of mr oizos big tracks) is soooo incredibly sick its not even funny. He has done alot of music for Adult Swim. Also collaborates with many artists such as mf doom, danger mouse, dabrye ... list goes on.. infamous for slingin his swing beats. delicious. basically he's fucking awe some. i would highly suggest the 1983 album -- and enjoi

the mpEz:
>Flying Lotus - 1983
>Dabrye - GameOver(Flying Lotus Rmx)

we bust those lead pipes to make those loud sounds

adult Swim music page (includes free chocolate swim album for downlizzoade)


whomp whomp whomp!!!!!

i am so ready for my brain to combust.

more what?? dono what to call it? OK!!1

I'm not even sure what to call this genre of music; full note beats is the main characteristic that ties it together but its not really dubstep. this is the music that makes my brain turn over --the sexiness of dubStep that lets you enjoi every beat and the upBeat 'lectro sound that makes it rock. First track - by Surkin (also from france) Ghetto Obsession (beta Version) from the "Action Replay" album which also includes the original version that is a little housier but still coo. it was featured on a MixMag sampler.

On the other end of the DubStep spectrum is a more glitchy organic sound like that of gangpol Unt Mit who plays mostly IDM sets.

Last is Si Begg - Bangin' so whompy!!!! this song makes my brains explode i love it so much! Spot on just breaky enough just dubby enough.. frekken sick!!!!

>Surkin - Ghetto Obsession (beta Version)
>Gangpol Unt Mit - Le Sorbet de Cassis
>Si Begg - Bangin'


surkin's myspace
gangpol und mit website
si begg official website
si begg website includes some sick samples and lots of cool producer stuff i would def give that one a once round


Ed Rec Vol 1 & 2 ... you want revolutionary sound --french artists of the EdBanger record label (including huge upcoming artists like Justice, SebAstian, Mr Oizo and Busy P) will r0x0rz yr s0x0rz fr sure! all of the artists have a tight grasp on the electro rock revolution, I had the luck to see SebastiAn, Busy P and Kavinsky at DAFT PUNK @ RedRocks (more on that later) --amazing shit.. unfortunately they were only spinning out tracks. Wheres the Live PA?! I wont post any tracks from the actual albums but trust me they are fucking amazing and definitely worth the pocket change.

Mr Oizo's first track ever - transexual is so freakin kitchy. He also wrote the intro song on the promo vid - (first under the title Trina700). SebastiAn's track "HAL"... just listen. The amazing dubstep elements coalesced with the super electro elements are soooo sick and definitely for me was a stepping stone into an all new world of electronic music.


moveh rehviewzes

I'm totally into sci fi - i recently have seen two hot ticket sci fi movies. Transformers and Sunshine... lets start with the bad. the script for transformers must have seriously been written by trained monkeys ... the lines were so cheezy that i think kraft tried to sew them. but the graphix... sOOOOoo sick! i dream about robots everyday. and the transformers in this movie were so fucking cooooooool, if only they were given scripts that weren't made out of toilet paper. beautiful artwork -- terrible plot, scripts, actors, directors etc. so it gets away with its two and a half star rating based pretty much on the fact that robots are fucking awesome. more great hollywood diarrhea.

W00T! and a double W00T! fuck.. even throw in a HAZZAH! this movie was fucking excellent!!! Danny Boyle's best film yet for sure (he did trainspotting, 28 days later, NOT 28 months later that piece of belligerent can of spam) The plot... seemingly indifferent from so many --the sun is dying... now we have to restart it .. oOOoo... but be fooled not! this movie is riveting, suspenseful, intense and most of all beautiful!! i've seen it three times now; i brought my neighbor to the mayan (our local indie theater) to see [this film] who a) doesn't really like sci fi (hasn't even seen starwars... wtf?!) and b) has never seen an independent film in the theater (woah!) --she was floored! flabbergasted! and utterly speechless after the movie; yeah. its that good. so go fucking see it bitches.

who the f is TEPR?

honestly i've been asking myself the same questions... he's from france (like most of my favorite electro artists) his first albums are more experimental electro crunchy beats while "the Deadly Masters of Rappers from Hell" album took a more minimalistic turn.. are we seeing a pattern in the music i dig or what here? "krow Ta" is from the dmorfh album; when i first heard it my heart totally exploded --its got samples from the Dark Crystal in it (like my 3rd all time fav movie) unfortunately the track doesn't sound great over a system --but for jammin in yr headgear its epic!! "coke and cream" comes from the latest album "en direct de la cote." "Minuit Jacuzzi" is a side project done with a french rap artist named grand Marnier; with a super sick swing beat. hot stuff all around.

>krow Ta - Tepr
>coke and cream - Tepr
>Minuit jacuzzi - Tepr (feat grand Marnier)

get down get down get down get down get down

the tepr homepage that is really sick

adult swim. new sho. so good.

Oh man this show is so frekken sweeeet. Tim Heidecker and Eric Weirheim (the masterminds behind tom goes to the mayor) bring you this live action fully retarded skit style show. its comparable to shows like wonder showzen; only maybe not as fruck'd up.. just 10x awesomeness. just watch and let it sink in a little... like soup.

soft pink robot

SOft Pink Truth and My Robot Friend. Woo. they are both a party. Both from the USa... i think soft pink is from San Fran - a side project of Matmos. My robot Friend is from Nyork Nyork. The energy from these two bands are both incredible and both branch the electronic genre out beyond that of most artists... they aren't exactly big names but I feel like they are spot on with a new generation of music coming around the corner.

"Promofunk" is a single by soft pink --again catching that unpredictable minimal sound but still retaining a more dancey upbeat feel.

"Walt Whitman" from my robot Friend's "hot action" album is the first track i'd heard of theirs; i was immediately attracted to the fact that there is no conical genrezation for the track, and its very funny. it gives it almost a beatlesesque feel, similar to maybe Of Montreal. "What Women Want" catches the housier side of MRF; also from the "hot action" album, its ambient and also captures the priceless comedy of MRF's music. "Hot action" is a wicked cool album, especially if you like albums that dont make the tracks sound all the same.

The Soft Pink Truth - PromoFunk
>My Robot Friend - Walt Whitman
>My Robot Friend - I Know What Women Want


soft pink truth website
my robot friend website


mo roots. we'll get to the ubersick new shit here soon... just gotta cover the basics yah know? The Knife!!! swedish electro avantegarde duo including brother sister combo Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer, basically they are super freakin awe some. "Silent Shout" is their newest album; its arsenal of haunting electoballads includes "Like A Pen" and "We Share Our Mothers Health" which was just featured on Ugly Betty; weird! "Heartbeats" is on the "DeepCuts" album, which is a little more dancey and more akin to the bands previous albums, but still definitely retains the odd flare the duo constantly pushes.

Karen's voice o.m.g!!
>The Knife - Like A Pen
>The Knife - Heartbeats

one night to be confused, one night to speed up truth

the Knife official website

oh my zeitgeist!!

have you seen it yet?

if not you must. its a three part masterpiece. its very political but doesn't feed into conspiracy theory bullshit; and its done in such a way that leaves room for discussion. which i think is very cool. this is one of the most important documentaries as far as relevance to today goes since an inconvenient truth. so i know your busy downloading your pr0n but take a couple hours out of your busy schedule and just watch it.



post2 get ruddy: ellen Allien

roots? lets dig a little: this is the first electronic artist that changed my life. when i heard her music for the first time i knew that there was more out there to electronic music than annoying repetitive club beats and 14 year olds on E giving each other lightshows.

ellen allien --amazing berlin germany resident electronic musician... if you haven't heard her yet you should tune in she's fucking sick as hez-nell. she is notorious for mixing the fluidity of minimal with the more electroey "techno" nu sound coming out of europe. i've plugged in "Wish" from the "Berlinette" album, this track literally makes me melt. she has recently been on tour with apparat promoting their "Orchestra Of Bubbles" album. also an incredible album. I have posted "Do Not Break" from this particular album. Sick Sick SIck!

>Ellen Allien - Wish
>Apparat and Ellen Allien - Do Not Break

ellen allien blog and website
orchestra of bubbles website



THis is the first post!!!11 This should be a pretty sick blog. hope you all like it. Let me tell you some things about myself.... i guess would be the cool thing to do here.

i'm from Denver. i'm pretty involved in the underground electronic music dance dance scene out here as well as the art and independent film scene out here so it pretty coo. i guess i'm just a fucking scene queen! but whats a guy to do?

also. i also like getting down and krunky on the dancefloor ... glitchy whomptarded electro beats .. dubstep .. i like folk music too.

i'm not sure what direction the blog is heading in yet. i know it will definitely have music available (ps if anyone for any reason wants certain track(s) removed from the site just contact me via email and i will totally oblige) i like to think that you would find artist from my blog and then go out and buy there album if you enjoy the music --PLEASE BUY DIRECTLY FROM ARTIST!!!--when you do so.. in the music industry today unfortunately many artists see almost no profits from their work I try to buy as many albums as I can especially from independent artists and small labels. I will leave links to all artist's websites when I can ... its so important that you support these people they make our minds melt and we gotta repreznt. so fo sho... sorry about the shpeil...

in any case my aim and yahoo and shit should all be on here so feel free to hit me up :)