thanks for being there w/ Selekt0r1. I'll leave the blog up so you can cache in on those choonz you missed. But if you want more COLORTRONIC is where its at.



things that i will probably appear at his weekend

this weekends gonna be ultra bangin' --check out the night of the living shred @ benders tonight at well.

Redfish @ 2027 13th Street Boulder, CO 80302


some choonz

happy humpday. how about some humps?
heres some stuff you can stick in your trunk.

I've taken a liking to some Boys Noize remixes. They did this one of Feist's My Moon My Man thats especially rockin' you should too. Gonzales has been making his way up the electro stream, this Boys Noize remix is a super-choppy banger.

My Moon My Man - Feist - Boys Noize Dub Remix
Working Together - Gonzales - Boys Noize Classic Remix




Big ups on the MachineDRUM show CacheFlowe, it was super bagin'! Gonna try and hit [machinedrum] up for some of those, unexpected, girl-talkesque tracks he threw down.
Got the lovin for some mnml house/techno lately. Its just so sexy and the techno scene in Denver is affluent and full of talent. If you get a chance to check out Uddermaddness or Communikey or Mess (MotherEarthSoundSystems) definitely calender it in.

I've had some amazing artists pointed out to me recently, as I've dug my self deeper into the whompy-beat ridden techno caverns of Denvers underbelly.

AlalaOne! Good god what a fantastic grldj right from my own home town, whodathunk?! Take the time to check out her mix, that I totally don't even know the name of, but I promise you the first track on this mix will roll your socks up and down!! (pending)

Unknown Mix - AlalaOne

Then there's this guy! this guy, hailing from Italy, his name is Andrea Sartori. He'll hopefully be rolling through Denver in the near future, his music is inspiring and beautiful composed, almost hypnotic.

Andrea Sartori - Prima Le Signore (from Il Tagliacode)

I don't know if Nosaj Thing counts as techno, he is one of those artists that are beyond the boundaries of genre. He creates music that could be categorized from melodic downtempo (like Aquarium) to all out Banger Remixes (like the Plastic Little Remix he did featuring MF Doom). I just bought his EP Octopus and I am highly anticipating its arrival.

Nosaj Thing - Aquarium

Heres a Parisian artist, Das Glow that often play sets with Surkin and those other Parisian bangers. I picked these up on ChazOlogy (RIP) last summer, and they still hold a special place in my heart.

Das Glow - Volcanice
Das Glow - Cathedrale

Please enjoy this beautiful music.

In other news:

Check this guy's blog out, I haven't done my research yet, but I'd swear he writes for the Onion. I've been reading it at work and I somtimes can't help but laugh hysterically, raising the eyebrows of the other cube-monkeys. It's so funny, but so true as well! You'll just have to check it out.


machinedrum @ quixotes tonigh

It's going to be too sick for words big ups to my guy CacheFlowe for bringin him out here. MachineDrum live pa is gonna bomb Denver, don't miss it.

Wheres this shit @?
Quixotes 2637 Welton St Denver


pornophonics - new remixer on the block

Pornophonics, whose 'real' name is still laden in mystery, from Buenos Aires (where else?!), has been throwing down some amazing remixes of some of your favorite BANGER artists. Some of these influential rave-rockers include: The Bloody Beetroots, Kissy Sell Out, the Amplid, Does It Offend You Yeah? and some others. Pornophonics has managed to take those neu-lectroey beats and transform them even further, I especially enjoy the Yelle remix of Ce Jeu, it has a slower bpm (beats per minute) but retains it's rocky attitude, brilliant!

+the Bloody Beetroots - Harvest (Pornophonics Remix)+

+The Amplid - Geography (Pornophonics Remix)+

+Yelle - Ce Jeu (Pornophonics Remix)+

Fou et telemement evident/Que je n'trouve plus de sens/A ce jeu excitant/Si bon mais si lassant/Tu aimes me manipuler/Et j'aime en faire autant/Nous sommes tout deux victime/De ce doux jeu d'amants


denver ♥ techno


So EXCITED for this weekend! Tonight = Cobblestone Jazz tomorrow NickSauser, I've been really diggin on the Mnml Techno lately, hopefully I'll grap some cool shots from both nights to share with you guys. (PS IF YOU WANT TO MORE ABOUT THESE CHECK THE SIDEBAR UNDER EVENTS)
but for now
I got a couple sexy techno tracks you just may enjoy.
This first one is, yes, Benny Bennassi, OH NOSTALGIA! For like a couple years ago, I know, but STILL! God, I LOVED this track so much, when I first heard it on 1190 years ago I thought I was going to have babies I thought it was so sick. Stephen Hawking and his girlfriend, being sexy = rawkin, apparently, who'd a thunk?

Benny Bennassi - SATISFACTION (Mowglimix Rmx)

:And then this one which I have been rockin out to all day:

A.D.I.D.A.S. (Koatek Remix)

And If you need something that will last a little bit longer here's the new mix by mikeRobot; I haven't even listened to it yet, but if it's half as amazing as his Decemb

Mike Robot - Can't Stop MIX

alright, see you


Friday Rewind

In light of the new and improved Selektor1 (now with 90% more WHOMP) I wanted to post some tracks that may have gotten lost in the mess and confusion of a newborn blog so that they can be truly appreciated. Please enjoi.



you the man now dog

WWW.YTMND.COM has recently tickled my fancy, it's just a collection of web pages (usually embedded with some music and pictures and/or animations) that are sometimes hilarious. A lot of the pages are in reference to popular internet puns i.e IT'S OVER 9000! or 133tspeak, star treck, video games. Awesomeness ensues, here are some of my favorites.

the looks

New looks. I'm way excited. Let me know what you think with the little pole thing on the side. Some cool music heading yr way here, I finally bucked up and paid for a permanent server, so the music will stay. Working on putting together some code so you can preview the music in page (who needs sleep anyway). Talk to you all soon. [$Image from t-shirts made by BustedTees.]


vintage valentines FAIL

intrigued? more available :here:


i'm gettin' 08tarded

I feel bad i've not posted in a while... and i still haven't paid to get a perm sever up for my shizzle. But all in good time. I've been productive, workin on getting my self a bike, went to the Z00 and saw some polititititititicians! Saw vibesquad play out in boulder and Denver in the same week. Ermazing! I'm telling you people --watch this guy -->shameless VibESQuad shout out right here!!!<-- =cyz hiz sew fkcn sick!= he is probably my favorite producer local to Denver.

BANGIN! In other news. 'Some cool tracks I wanna post fur sure. Hittn up the blog scene. Some cool shiz has been circulating. I hope these give you some good feelings.

hailing from the land of meh-hee-co : Bufi! Don't really know too much about him, 'cept that he plays a m€an laptop. Def gotta check this guy out, he's kind of in the Prefuse 23 wave length, with a touch of funky maybe even Calvin Harris feel. Really cool for sure. The second song (I was recently informed by Bufi himself) is actually by a friend. But they are both amazing and part of a collective called LeTouch
*Bufi - Like a Child*
*Papo Pepo - In Ordem*

Rewind>>>>Rain (Interlude)
(from their 2005 self titled album, what was it called? oh prefuse 73)


:i think they just came out with a new album:
:this track is waaaaaay bangin def check it out:

--DOes it offend you YEAH!? - se7en--

Some way cool music from the land of Sweden. Rocco is some heart wrenchin' synth-pop, you CAN'T hate this song!! "All Som Inte Dansar" [whose chorus is synonymous with its title] means "If you don't dance You're a rapist," needless to say, I'm totally down.

--Carrie Anne - Rocco--

--Alla Som Inte Dansar (datalife_remix) - Maskinen--

Jose Gonazles album In Our Nature bloomed this beautifully composed cover of Massive Attack. And if you haven't seen the video by Andreas Nilsson you def gotta check that shit out.

**Jose Gonzales - Teardrop**

--- ok enough free music for you.
+Sushi Go Round+

Lets see.. what else... I'm really addicted to this game... it's called Sushi-Go-Round. Maybe its just cuz I'm a total dweeb for cute asain games, but this game is awesome. You make sushi, for hungry hungry asain people! you must master the skills or perish in the land of failed sushi-go-rounds! you may say 'pish' but don't bomb it till you try it. I even created a new tag "starwars was cool" just for geeky outbursts like this.

Hey there guy, like those really neat-o header and footer pics? Iit's from a series of pictures that have been popping up around the internet, inspired by the popular "hands on adventure" Mario Galaxy. Way cool shit, check out some more here if you like : MarioGalaxy Reality : trippin' me out bro.

Ok.... anything else cool... I'll be postin about Otto Van Schirach in a later post here ...

so coo. adios, Enjoy your weekend and live life to the fullest.





cocoRosie stole my heart

American sisters coco and rosie have stolen my My friend mylia mentioned them, and I'd heard some of their music, read a couple articles and dismissed them as just too-hip indie pish posh. but after some careful listening i've really caught the bug and joined the cocoRosie fandom. i'm totally enamored with cocoRosies sampleclad lullabies and obsession with mechanical horse noises.

anyway heres, werewolf from their 2007 album and noah's ark from noah's ark/

>CocoRosie - Werewolf

>CocoRosie - Noah's Ark [!!!]

fao mylia. i hope life is throwing you better bananas right now :)

sratudary_ngheit higgity

Weird... burning man fash-on maybe, fash-off show. (not slamming any participants; serious A for effort because it takes guts to model clothes and most of the outfits were pretty cool. the music could have just used a little... um... fine tuning heheh :] anyway there was a fashion show) followed by some sick dubstep by our friends RonaldRaygunn and MikeHoncho and some cool house via T-bone and the rest of those guys. respect. k. anyway.. it was pretty cool.

i got a couple qute pix0rz from the night too. unfortunately i took retard pills today and left the mem card in my laptop, DOH! in anycase the few that i got are terribly cute.


takin it downtown
( hipHipTorae+Dartanian )
[ali is in the back]


if you feel so inclined, you can check out the rest by clicking the hyperLinkage on the "heres some piturrrrrrs." w..e.lll.. i'm tired / i think i will go to sleep. i'll be posting some cocoRosie in the morning, Mylia has opened my eyes to this craziness, and i've fallen desperately in love.
*soon soon*


coolest music videos on teh planet

i've just been enlightened by one of my new favorite blogs, Get Wierd Turn Pro, about this Andreas Nilsson fellow. Some of my favorite music videos by the Knife and Jose Gonzales are by this guy, and I didn't make the connection. His avante guarde style is so great, his films have this almost experimental feel. In any case check out his website: here. The website is pretty awesome, no bullshit just his collection and contact info. So yeah.. check it out... and stuff.

check them all out, because they are all that good. kthnxbye



whats a girl to do?

Last night I partied hardy for the first time since I got home from Denver. super fun times with all my friends @ SUTRA (11th and lincoln) -- STEP UP v2.0 --mega ups to ((Diverse)), he threw down some of the funkiest freshest tech house I've heard in a long time. He was actually the first DubStep I heard, that fateful night, at the Snake Pit. He never seizes to amaze me. And Ronald Raygunn, got the crowd up and floored with his sick stepps. BANG-IN! I never feel more at home than I do at these events, I'm so glad to be back in Denver.


Bat For Lashes, my good friend HipHipTorae refered me to this track and I'm totally sick-a-fied. I'm sure future post will include this artist. Def check it out.

>>>HERES THE Mp3 (only 192k sry kids): BAT FOR LASHES - WHATS A GIRL TO DO?


yr just that cool?

back in denver. really bangin to be home, maybe rollin' into krafty kuts (breakbeat legend) @ the azalon 2morrow. not sure yet, we'll see how my wallet is feeling after the consumer whoriday week. pleh.

good shit is coming quick this spring/summer. i cant wait to have a new fucking president! vote obama08 and yeah, lets rock ourselves out of this fucking war, shall we?

so I've decided the Teenagers are pretty much awesome. I've been feeling my tastes in music migrating back to ultra-hip electro/indie/synthtron shit like Mount Sims [aren't they due for a new album? Ultra Sex was ultra sexious] and James Figurine, Electric President, RJD2; anyway here are some of the Teenagers tracks and rmxs that have been floating around the blogosphere : enjoi.

>The Teenagers - Homecoming
>Mer Du Japan (the Teenagers Remix) - Air
>City (the Teenagers Remx) - LoFiFnk

last week i flew to san diego to see my antie
on day 1 i met her hot step daughter
shes a cheerleader, she is a virgin and she is really tan
as she stepped out of her massive car
i could only notice she was more than fuckable
i think she was coming back from the game or something
cause she was holding those silly pompoms
on day 2 i fucked her and it was wild
she is such a slut

i fucked my american cunt //i loved my english romance i fucked my american cunt //i loved my english romance it was dirty a dream came true//just like i like it shes got nice tits it was perfect a dream came true//just like a song by blink182

ok listen girls i met the hottest guy ever basically as I was stepping out of my s.u.v. i came face to face with my step cousin or whatever who cares anyway he was wearing skinny jeans had funky hair and the cutest british accent ever straight away I could tell he was a rocker with his sexy attitude and the way he looked at me mmm he is totally awesome oh my god I think im in love

i fucked my american cunt//i loved my english romance