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(robots in a pyramid who know how to make a crowd of adults cry over their TEKNNOMUSICCC!!)

Something about men in robots suits pumping loud hard acidic house beats and crazy beautiful old school techno-ballads just does it for me. Although the two artists in this double feature definitely get some points for visuals!! Both of these amazing artists use incredibly display techniques to captivate the mind. In other words; make you feel like acid. I had the luck to see Daft Punk at red rocks, I went early with friends and had front row seats to a show that will go down in Denver history. People were going NUTS!!! The vibes were intense and surreal. There was an omnipotent connection with all the people there like nothing I've ever seen at show that size.

Here are some$ pix from the RedRocks Daft Punk Concert. (That also featured French edBanger electro house legends SebAstian, Kavinsky and Busy P) [on a side note: Busy P now manages Daft Punk and the edBanger label]

watch this



(formally known as the "Dust Brothers" but not the ones that did the fightclub soundtrack, the ones who almost got sued for having the name.)

Ridiculously stunning show last night! I knew I wanted to see Chemical Brothers [at the Fillmore], because they are classic, but I had NO idea what I was in for! Definitely on the top three concerts list. The visuals were stunning and the music was bangin' once again amazing vibes. Through a fuselage of old sounds and modern rhythms Chem Bros were able to capitulate a very original sound. Not to mention the light show was definitely up there with Daft Punk's mind boggling pyramid.

Check this shit out.

do it again

saturate and believe


c-s-s hurts!

i heard of them first with ladytron here at the denver bluebird. and then they exploded. cansei de ser sexy!!! from sao paulo come super-awesome power pop instant hit group CSS! allegedly named after beyonce knowles complaining: "tired of being sexy." they're great and sooo cute I immediately bought their self titled album, and I have to say its fabulous. Their first big release: "Lets Make Love and Listen to Death from Above" hit america like an abusive mother! and its fantastic. They've done some cool remixes with dope artists such as Spank Rock, Bonde Do Role and Diplo.
So check check check em out.

>Lets Make Love And Listen To Death from Above - CSS
>Lets Make Love And Listen To Death from Above (Diplo REmix) - CSS
>Hey Mr Dj (CSS Remix) - Tiny Masters Of Today
>Office Boy (CSS Remix) - Bonde Do Role

Come and erase me and take me with you
Kiss me I'm drunk, and don't worry it's true


wub wub wub wub wub

oh frech electro! mmmmmm and krazy baldhead def knows how to throw down those sexy swingin' full note beats. Dry Guillotine is his new album and it is sickety sick sick sick! I first heard him on EdRec vol2 and fell in love with the track "Crazy Motherfuckers" I could not get enough of it! This new cd is like that track amplified over an album. Where as many of the tracks like "applyjuice" and "revolution" have definite dubStep influences the track the album is named after "dry Guillotine" takes a dancier note than his melodic full note tracks like "applejuice" and "revolutions" (the original track not acutally on this particular album)

In any case plz enjoi and def get this album if you do! krazybald head page face

>Crazy Mother Fuckers - Krazy Baldhead (feat on EdRec vol 2)
>Dry Guillotine - Krazy Baldhead
>Applejuice - Krazy Baldhead
>Revolution (original mix) - Krazy Baldhead

who drank my god damn applejuice?


$$$talkin about that cache flowe$$$

i've mentioned this cat a couple times now. there is even video postage of him @ the freq mind controlle bbq. this guy is not only a good friend but an amazing producer!! he is really kicking up some dust in the denver IDM scene. He has been featured in zines and newspapers all over. His shit is hot, definitely pressing on new fluxes in electronic music. I think he started producing drum and bass and has acclimated to a whole new level. If you want to hear some raw, juicy amazing shit def check out his next show; I believe his events are posted on his myspace and his website. In any case; love it live it get into it. def get out there and support if you like what youz be hearin'

>Bjork Vs Telefon Tel Aviv - CacheFlowe (mashup)
>Pinnacle - CacheFlowe



my disko iz bbrroken

[hipHiptorae, mylia, johnnylectric]
wow. i have a hangover. this has been an awesome weekend though. definitely the best 21st birthday i'll ever have [pun!] we jammed with KRADDY on Friday... frekkkkken awesome set despite the technical difficulties (see pictures). def "eol". my first time @ tracks on saturday was pretty cool. i was just glad to have friends there, and I'm so happy there wasn't drama bullshiz. I received many various gifts this year thanks everyone!!!! people would not stop buying my drinks. this weekend has been everything i wanted and more. I am so happy to be living in denver and have all the friends I do that I love so dearly.

here are the pictures check em' out for sure!!!

alright. i'll stop getting all sappy-puss-after-school-special all over you guys. so its its its its its its its its its its its cd-skippin sunday SUNDAY! you want some freq'n tunez no? well good news i got a couple hot tracks i'm willing to lay out. first the hot stecky fresh tack by plus Move titled BOSS! I have to say ... I am definitely in love with this track. its freq'n delicious awesome electroey with cool piano breaks nice nice nice bass line. hearts to plusMove.

next in line is a track from the Lovely Chords; "My Disko is Broken" its too cute. Its very reminiscent of Mr Oizo's earlier work. so you gotta love it.

>Plus Move - Boss
>Lovely Chords - My Disko Is Broken

my disko is broken: yes it is.




1. Ooah - Tuesday Again
2. edIT - Straight Heat
3. Boreta & EPROM - The Good The Bad The Squishy
4. Kraddy - Next Episode Inst.
5. edIT - The Sirens
6. Boreta & EPROM feat Epcot - Get Psyphy
7. Ooah - Stomp the Yard
8. Kraddy - Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha Rmx
9. Boreta - Lobegrinder
10. edIT Artsy Remix feat. The Grouch of the Living Legends
11. Ooah - Jalapeno Body Poppers
12. Kraddy - Mos Def Bright As The Stars Rmx

PS THNX HipHipTorae!

wasted at tiffany's

heck yes. turning 21. seeing kraddy tonight; super sicknezz! if you didn't check out his breaks from the machine mix then you totally should; i have never seen him live before, but i'm quite sure it will be ridiculously phenomenal. i also received a new laptop for my birthday! thanks mom and dad!

$another fucking calvin harris rmx ... damnit why is it so good

>Calvin Harris - Merrymaking at My Place (Mr Oizo Remix)

merrymaking...drug taking... try my baking...
we shoudl follow that up with some more oizo sickness i think ... yeah
[this is possibly on of my fav tracks of all time ... nasty hot swing steppin love beats]

>Mr Oizo - Monday Massacre (ep versn) [!!!]

alright i'm gonna go krimp mah hur n get funky fresh dressed to impress ready to party.

mr.ozio.com hez myspaz


mondays music sucks you dont want it

first track is by les rhythmes digitales; more french awesomeness--of course. dont really know too much about them.... "darkdancer" is a cool album tho for sure.

next on the list is by the sole and skyrider band from flagstaff AZ -- some really cool hip hop over some nice instrumental breaks. they are freaken awesome. kind of up the mf doom or prefuse 73 vein. good stuff for sure.

next is a beautifully produced "IDM" track in the telefon tel aviv style --their name is even similar; telephone jim jesus.


>Les Rhythmes Digitales - About Funk
>Sole and the Skyrider Band - The Bones of My Pets
>Telephone Jim Jesus - Birdstatic

hi! cool hair. wish i had the guts to do that, i don't.

lrd website
sole and the skyrider m_spc
telephone jim jesus


hello falling leaves

denver is gettin pretty crispy. it was in the high fifties today... brrr... fall is my fav season. new president (omg finally!). new gear. more layers. halloween parties. i like the spring and fall because they are the change seasons. summer is over... man it was a crazy one. the summer has been kicked off well... seeing edIT and ooah @ that warehouse show followed by bassnectar at cervantes. Kraddy is next week @ the snake pit !! i turn 21 on the 15th fuck yes!! i think i'll be doing the 80s room @ tracks (saturday sept 15) if anyone is interested; gonna get my fag on. pleh. but whatevs it should be fun. i'm going to dress up super retro 80s and rock it out.

heres the fall track i've been jammin on:
>Across the Universe - Fionna Apple (beatles cover)

i'm sure yr familiar with it. but its an amazingly beautiful track

ps : welcome jasonRoth & fretty Hesh - soon to be new posters w00t


SOoooOOOoooOOO sick LAst Night

EdIT and OOah killing it

This show was so freaking amazing. (In reference to the Jungle Labs Party 9-7) vibes so thick you coulda spread them on toast!!! there is nothing better than being inches from gods [edIT and ooah of the Glitch Mob]. special thanks to Dual Channels & S.P.E.C.T.R.E (ruben) and Reckless for bringing this talent to their warehouse; you guys fuckin rock!

pix0rz from the party

Mega props to my man Aaron Holstein [VibeSquad] - he played just before them and really really really really showed us what Colorado sound is all about. It so amazing to me the talent coming out here and coming out of here. Featuring his single Dome Piece --fresh Colorado DubStep --super tasty check it out for sure.

>VibeSquad - Dome Piece (Original Mix)

If your not familiar with EdIT and OOah. I would highly suggest familiarizing yourself. EdITs "Crying Over Pros for No Reason" and his "Battling GoGo Yubari in downTown LA" ep and all of OOah's albums are fantastic. The albums are amazing but if you see them coming through town they are def not a show you do not want to miss.

>EdIT - ??? (unconfirmed)

watch for them:

vibeSquad myspace
vibeSquad Website
EdIT's Myspace
Ooahs Myspace
need more?
GlitchMob Myspace


just cant get enough

crystal castles. omg this remix is sex.

plez enjoi

>Leni (Crystal Casles Rmx) - GoodBooks

there are times when... i really need you....

goodBooks mhyspce


of montreal ... i couldn't hold back much longer

i love them way too much; its quite ridiculous. their first albums were very experimental and avant-garde while their new albums are topping charts. "Sunlandic Twins" (2005) and "Hissing Fauna Are You the Destroyer?" (2007).

The band was allegedly named after a failed relationship of the lead singer.

And they are amazing. "sunlandic twins" is one of my favorite albums of all time, and "hissing fauna" is not far off the scale.

>So Begins Our Alabee - Of Montreal
>Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games - Of Montreal
>Gronlandic Edit - Of Montreal

yes they did that steak restaurant commercial

of montreal website


freq mind controlle bbq

mah homie cacheFlowe threw down hard -- vibes were so thick i was swimming. awesome times for sure!!! i love these people.

CacheFlowe Throwing Down


beatsbeatsbeats saturday

so were you so super sad you didn't have all the tracks in the super l33t summer mix for 07? you totally should be. so lets fill you in a little here.

lets start with the Hail Social track "cherry cola funk!!!!!" this track is def one of my new favs it so kitchy and fun... pretty reminiscent of the tepr sound. really breaky vocals, simple beats yum.

>Cherry-Cola Funk (Sta Mix) - Hail Social

NExt - The sick sick sick sick Feist Rmx of 1234 by Vanshe. Feist's remix album is fucking awesome i'm going to highly suggest it. I will post links for it near the bottom.

>1234 (Vanshe Technologic Rmx) - Feist

I'm trying to kinda get back in touch with my gay side here... i've been missing out a little since i've been so involved in the underground scene here in denver. In anycase if i were gonna throw down a sick track at a gay event this would totally be the one. Probably the best, if the only good [remix], remix of Whitney Houston out there. It has that super rockin electro sound we all have come to adore (from artists like MSTRKRFT, Justice and the edRec Crew) by VNDLSM (its so cute... they are like MSTRKRFT's bffs4eva they even skip the vowels just like MSTRKRFT). Plez enjoi.

>I'm Every Woman (VNDLSM rmx) - Whitney Houston

You want more big gay sexy electro tracks? Oh? Well then boys! HAUL AWAY BOYS HAUL AWAY!

>Haul Away (SDR one night stand ReDUX) - Apostle of Hustle

hope that makes you put yo hands up in the air and shake it like you just dont care!

Feist Wesbite
Get the Feist Open Seasons Remix Album
(buying it on itunes is good too because feist has a contract with them)
An I am pretty sure this is Sta's Myspace [UBER sexy shit for sure]
Stop Die Resuscitate (SDR)

this summer's mixtape would include

1_Transexual - Mr.Oizo
2_Monday Massacre - Mr.Oizo
3_Bangin' - Si Begg
4_Favourite Things - Super Extra Bonus Pack
5_Le Sorbet Cassis - Gangpol Unt Mit
6_Minuit Jacoozi (feat Grand Marnier) - TEPR
7_Work It Out (Herve Goes Low Rmx feat Princess Superstar) - Larry Tee
8_Merrymaking (DeadMau5 rmx) - Calvin Harris
9_1234(Vanshe Technologic Rmx)- Feist
10_I'm Every Woman (VNDLSM rmx) - Whitney Houston
11_Coke and Cream - TEPR
12_Cherry Cola Funk (sta rmx) - Hail Social
13_Cheer It On (Trey Told 'em Rmx) - Tokyo Police Club
14_NSM PSM "Clap Your Face Off" - Plus Move
15_We Love Tokyo - Golden Bug
16_Tea Leaf Dancer - Flying Lotus
17_CrimeWave (crystal castles vs Health) - Crystal Castles
18_Kro Ta - TEPR

oh shiz -daye bfor my 21

(click to see larger vrsn)
kraddy is teh def sickness
here's his mysp_c

KRaddY - Straight from the Machines Mix