hustlin' h0t fall tracks

The Hot Tracks that Are Rocking This FALL.

>$TUNTS - Mr.OizO (Flying Lotus Remix)
This track was originally written by the French producer Mr.OizO. S T U N T S first appeared on Flying Lotus' Myspace a couple months back and I knew I had to have it. It recently became available on Missingtoof and I grabbed it. Can't wait to buy the new EP that just came out "RESET"

>2000007 (feat TTC) - Modeselektor
This seven digit song is featured in Modelektor's new "Happy Birthday!" album. As from "Hello Mom!'s" TTC collaboration with the Berlinise duo, "Dancing Box". They bring together a sound that is all together that is seck-as-shez!

>My Love(RUF Dubstep Mix) - Justin Timberlake
I just picked this one up off of PalmsOutSounds' Remix Sunday. I hope you guys have been diggin on that DubStep as hard as I have. You definitely need to find yourself some good audio to truly appreciate, or better yet be at DJUNYA's upcoming dub-steppin' performance (posted in the previous post chronologically) at Kazmos lounge on 1381 Kalamath this Saturday (17th).

>Dear Miami - Roisin Murphy
When I first heard this track I really fell in love, despite the fact that it is much more "POP" than any of her other tracks. But this track has made a cozy little space for itself in various blogs. And I love that her voice is unique. Its a twinge electro-rock, but also simple and holds ballad qualities. I think it could easily be a movement in future pop. Artists like Amy Winehouse or Regina Spektor are honing in on the recent rage for music that doesn't suck, hopefully Roisin Murphy has a spot in that column. Definitely check out her website, there you can check out tracks from the new album "Over Powered" that has definitely taken a turn from the border-line avant garde, nu-jazzy feel of her last album "Ruby Blue," but still retains the funky charms.

>The Knife - Got 2 Let u
This track isn't new at all. Its from the Knife - "Deep Cuts" their 2006 album. But the knife is just so rad. I've been jammin' on this song lately for whatever reason. So here it is for your listening pleasures.

So there we go. Winters comin' so warm yourself by the warm wobbly bass featured in todays post. Plez enjoi. _Johnnylectric

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The Coffee Curmudgeon said...

this was a sick post... thanks a lot. gotta love The Knife.

If you haven't heard it before, I really recommend Berlin's cover of Prince's "Erotic City". Reminds me of Got 2 Let U and is simply epic.