i'm gettin' 08tarded

I feel bad i've not posted in a while... and i still haven't paid to get a perm sever up for my shizzle. But all in good time. I've been productive, workin on getting my self a bike, went to the Z00 and saw some polititititititicians! Saw vibesquad play out in boulder and Denver in the same week. Ermazing! I'm telling you people --watch this guy -->shameless VibESQuad shout out right here!!!<-- =cyz hiz sew fkcn sick!= he is probably my favorite producer local to Denver.

BANGIN! In other news. 'Some cool tracks I wanna post fur sure. Hittn up the blog scene. Some cool shiz has been circulating. I hope these give you some good feelings.

hailing from the land of meh-hee-co : Bufi! Don't really know too much about him, 'cept that he plays a m€an laptop. Def gotta check this guy out, he's kind of in the Prefuse 23 wave length, with a touch of funky maybe even Calvin Harris feel. Really cool for sure. The second song (I was recently informed by Bufi himself) is actually by a friend. But they are both amazing and part of a collective called LeTouch
*Bufi - Like a Child*
*Papo Pepo - In Ordem*

Rewind>>>>Rain (Interlude)
(from their 2005 self titled album, what was it called? oh prefuse 73)


:i think they just came out with a new album:
:this track is waaaaaay bangin def check it out:

--DOes it offend you YEAH!? - se7en--

Some way cool music from the land of Sweden. Rocco is some heart wrenchin' synth-pop, you CAN'T hate this song!! "All Som Inte Dansar" [whose chorus is synonymous with its title] means "If you don't dance You're a rapist," needless to say, I'm totally down.

--Carrie Anne - Rocco--

--Alla Som Inte Dansar (datalife_remix) - Maskinen--

Jose Gonazles album In Our Nature bloomed this beautifully composed cover of Massive Attack. And if you haven't seen the video by Andreas Nilsson you def gotta check that shit out.

**Jose Gonzales - Teardrop**

--- ok enough free music for you.
+Sushi Go Round+

Lets see.. what else... I'm really addicted to this game... it's called Sushi-Go-Round. Maybe its just cuz I'm a total dweeb for cute asain games, but this game is awesome. You make sushi, for hungry hungry asain people! you must master the skills or perish in the land of failed sushi-go-rounds! you may say 'pish' but don't bomb it till you try it. I even created a new tag "starwars was cool" just for geeky outbursts like this.

Hey there guy, like those really neat-o header and footer pics? Iit's from a series of pictures that have been popping up around the internet, inspired by the popular "hands on adventure" Mario Galaxy. Way cool shit, check out some more here if you like : MarioGalaxy Reality : trippin' me out bro.

Ok.... anything else cool... I'll be postin about Otto Van Schirach in a later post here ...

so coo. adios, Enjoy your weekend and live life to the fullest.

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