Big ups on the MachineDRUM show CacheFlowe, it was super bagin'! Gonna try and hit [machinedrum] up for some of those, unexpected, girl-talkesque tracks he threw down.
Got the lovin for some mnml house/techno lately. Its just so sexy and the techno scene in Denver is affluent and full of talent. If you get a chance to check out Uddermaddness or Communikey or Mess (MotherEarthSoundSystems) definitely calender it in.

I've had some amazing artists pointed out to me recently, as I've dug my self deeper into the whompy-beat ridden techno caverns of Denvers underbelly.

AlalaOne! Good god what a fantastic grldj right from my own home town, whodathunk?! Take the time to check out her mix, that I totally don't even know the name of, but I promise you the first track on this mix will roll your socks up and down!! (pending)

Unknown Mix - AlalaOne

Then there's this guy! this guy, hailing from Italy, his name is Andrea Sartori. He'll hopefully be rolling through Denver in the near future, his music is inspiring and beautiful composed, almost hypnotic.

Andrea Sartori - Prima Le Signore (from Il Tagliacode)

I don't know if Nosaj Thing counts as techno, he is one of those artists that are beyond the boundaries of genre. He creates music that could be categorized from melodic downtempo (like Aquarium) to all out Banger Remixes (like the Plastic Little Remix he did featuring MF Doom). I just bought his EP Octopus and I am highly anticipating its arrival.

Nosaj Thing - Aquarium

Heres a Parisian artist, Das Glow that often play sets with Surkin and those other Parisian bangers. I picked these up on ChazOlogy (RIP) last summer, and they still hold a special place in my heart.

Das Glow - Volcanice
Das Glow - Cathedrale

Please enjoy this beautiful music.

In other news:

Check this guy's blog out, I haven't done my research yet, but I'd swear he writes for the Onion. I've been reading it at work and I somtimes can't help but laugh hysterically, raising the eyebrows of the other cube-monkeys. It's so funny, but so true as well! You'll just have to check it out.

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