sratudary_ngheit higgity

Weird... burning man fash-on maybe, fash-off show. (not slamming any participants; serious A for effort because it takes guts to model clothes and most of the outfits were pretty cool. the music could have just used a little... um... fine tuning heheh :] anyway there was a fashion show) followed by some sick dubstep by our friends RonaldRaygunn and MikeHoncho and some cool house via T-bone and the rest of those guys. respect. k. anyway.. it was pretty cool.

i got a couple qute pix0rz from the night too. unfortunately i took retard pills today and left the mem card in my laptop, DOH! in anycase the few that i got are terribly cute.


takin it downtown
( hipHipTorae+Dartanian )
[ali is in the back]


if you feel so inclined, you can check out the rest by clicking the hyperLinkage on the "heres some piturrrrrrs." w..e.lll.. i'm tired / i think i will go to sleep. i'll be posting some cocoRosie in the morning, Mylia has opened my eyes to this craziness, and i've fallen desperately in love.
*soon soon*

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