yr just that cool?

back in denver. really bangin to be home, maybe rollin' into krafty kuts (breakbeat legend) @ the azalon 2morrow. not sure yet, we'll see how my wallet is feeling after the consumer whoriday week. pleh.

good shit is coming quick this spring/summer. i cant wait to have a new fucking president! vote obama08 and yeah, lets rock ourselves out of this fucking war, shall we?

so I've decided the Teenagers are pretty much awesome. I've been feeling my tastes in music migrating back to ultra-hip electro/indie/synthtron shit like Mount Sims [aren't they due for a new album? Ultra Sex was ultra sexious] and James Figurine, Electric President, RJD2; anyway here are some of the Teenagers tracks and rmxs that have been floating around the blogosphere : enjoi.

>The Teenagers - Homecoming
>Mer Du Japan (the Teenagers Remix) - Air
>City (the Teenagers Remx) - LoFiFnk

last week i flew to san diego to see my antie
on day 1 i met her hot step daughter
shes a cheerleader, she is a virgin and she is really tan
as she stepped out of her massive car
i could only notice she was more than fuckable
i think she was coming back from the game or something
cause she was holding those silly pompoms
on day 2 i fucked her and it was wild
she is such a slut

i fucked my american cunt //i loved my english romance i fucked my american cunt //i loved my english romance it was dirty a dream came true//just like i like it shes got nice tits it was perfect a dream came true//just like a song by blink182

ok listen girls i met the hottest guy ever basically as I was stepping out of my s.u.v. i came face to face with my step cousin or whatever who cares anyway he was wearing skinny jeans had funky hair and the cutest british accent ever straight away I could tell he was a rocker with his sexy attitude and the way he looked at me mmm he is totally awesome oh my god I think im in love

i fucked my american cunt//i loved my english romance

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