pornophonics - new remixer on the block

Pornophonics, whose 'real' name is still laden in mystery, from Buenos Aires (where else?!), has been throwing down some amazing remixes of some of your favorite BANGER artists. Some of these influential rave-rockers include: The Bloody Beetroots, Kissy Sell Out, the Amplid, Does It Offend You Yeah? and some others. Pornophonics has managed to take those neu-lectroey beats and transform them even further, I especially enjoy the Yelle remix of Ce Jeu, it has a slower bpm (beats per minute) but retains it's rocky attitude, brilliant!

+the Bloody Beetroots - Harvest (Pornophonics Remix)+

+The Amplid - Geography (Pornophonics Remix)+

+Yelle - Ce Jeu (Pornophonics Remix)+

Fou et telemement evident/Que je n'trouve plus de sens/A ce jeu excitant/Si bon mais si lassant/Tu aimes me manipuler/Et j'aime en faire autant/Nous sommes tout deux victime/De ce doux jeu d'amants

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Math You said...

Nice one. I really like the way this dude uses his symbols.