hatcha & benga: submission 3

(taken by moi)

3rd Sub.mission party, and I've yet to be disappointed. These guys are always bringing out a hot show; Sub.mission 2 included headliners Parson and Ana Sia and was definitely one of the highlights, as far as electronic music goes, for the summer. Unfortunately i missed out on Nick Aragon this past spring, but heard high reviews.

Last night at Sub.mission3 was the Hatcha & Benga show at Benders on 12th and Grant. Hatcha and Benga are some of the key musicians in the recent DubStep movement in the UK (and the US).

Dupstep spurred from South London grime and garage sounds and dub which is a sub genre of reggae. The result; 2-step, long, wobbly bass lines. It is a melodic electronic music that creates a strange sexual tension in its dark, luscious lower bpm [beats per minute].

In Denver dubstep fans tend to be drum and bass heads and/or glitch/whomp [heavy bass line] fiends. There are also many who do not entirely connect with it, because of its heavier, slow pace some fans of electronic music become easily bored by the music, often complaining that it is "too slow." I, of course, am a huge fan, but as it is "different strokes for different folks."

Other Hatcha / Benga mixes:
>Hatcha on Kiss FM
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Local Djs:
Raygun Ronald:
august dubstep mix (track list available here) [this is def one of my favorites, Ron is probably my favorite local dubsteppah]
available here


Ooah's new Dubstep Mix
Pimpin on 4 4z Mix

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