holy modeselektor

This album is too sick for words.
A masterpiece, as was "Hello Mom!" only in a different way. I cant believe I didn't get it until today. It debuted September 10th. I didn't really hear about it until I was checking out their website just now. The new album ranges from hip-hop, funky house, dubstep to minimal, and so much more. Its really the non-genre unclassifiable sound that makes me so attracted to Modeselektor. A collaboration of BPitch Control artists help to bring this album together. God I wish they would come to Denver! Definitely give this album a check out at the very least.

Plug in some good sound and give these tracks a listen. (Hold on to your head because it just might explode)

from "Happy Birthday!":

>Dark Side of the Sun (feat Pupputmastaz) - Modeselektor
>Suckerpin - Modeselektor

>Modeselektor's Rave Anthem (Ups Edit) - Ellen Allien (released in 2004)

plez beleiv.

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