this has become popular in the "blog world"

heres the idea: shuffle tracks on your mp3 player or whatever, when the track appears go on google.com/images (or some other image search engine) and type in the track name - post the first cool picture that comes up in the first page. sometimes you get pretty interesting results. and if your bored and dont really have anything to blog about, like myself, its a great waste of time!

somthing about you (mr oizo remix) - jamelia

i dono who this jamelia chick is, and i was really halvesy on this track when i first acquired it. but i've come to really enjoi it. mr oizo is a beat P I M P! i post a lot of him on here, but its because he's just that freq'n awesome.

song 2 - trash yourself & toxic avenger (redo)

its kind of funny that this one came up because i was thinking about posting it. i'm not a HUGE toxic avenger or trash yourself fan. they are a little too "core" for me. but this redo of the 90's blur classic "song 2" definitely touches a soft spot.

crimewaves - crystal castles vs health

crystal castles !!! if you missed this track the first time i posted it here, its a good time to redeem your worthlessness. this has definitely been appearing in all my recent mixes.
i love this picture too. its so wierd.

ghost transistor - kavinsky

edBanger record's kavinsky's tracks tend to be retrolicious as hell. he has a healthy obsession with 80s backbeats, which is cool beacause I do as well.

arrest yourself - hot chip

i don't really know how this picture correlates with "arrest yourself" at all, but whatever, pirates are freq'n awesome.
hot chip continues to be one of my favorite music groups out there, if you like postal service or james figurine at all they are definitely a band to check out.

simon says (estaw instrumental refix) - pharoah monche

this is uncanny because i was going to post this track as well. i found it on palmsOut Sounds.
i love this breakbeat redo of such a classic.
a actually did the search under "simon says estaw" because "simon says" came up with a advert posters for a lame horror movie, and i feel like this image is more representative of the tracks dark side, or maybe i am just talking out of my ass.

citronella - aesop rock

its a plant... guess i should have guessed on that one.
aesop rock is freq'n awesome. i just missed him at cerventes last night. i'm sure the show was amazing.


now wasn't that fun?

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Timothy said...

Kavisky is not on ed banger...he is on Record Makers.

DJ Bee said...

you should fix your toxic avenger link.. i dont think it goes to the right site