i got everything i wanted for xmas and more! yay for consumerism! and to think i wanted to bypass the whole event; ok, i'll admit to my less-than-optimistic-outlook on coming to newhampster for my whole week off. BUT it was a really great that this year i got my fam stuff they really wanted and received like in return.

ALSO i got to see some of my old frendz that i always forget how much i miss.

ally. i love you. my heart is always 100% yours.

this track starts out all tribally but then gets all bangin' its been one of the favorites to throw in the holiday mixes. i think this sexy remix was posted on missingtoof a while ago. thnx for being so sick missingtoof, cheeeerz.

rewind<<<<<Fais Rentrer Les Euros (feat. Uffie and Feadz) (Larytta Remix)

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