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(robots in a pyramid who know how to make a crowd of adults cry over their TEKNNOMUSICCC!!)

Something about men in robots suits pumping loud hard acidic house beats and crazy beautiful old school techno-ballads just does it for me. Although the two artists in this double feature definitely get some points for visuals!! Both of these amazing artists use incredibly display techniques to captivate the mind. In other words; make you feel like acid. I had the luck to see Daft Punk at red rocks, I went early with friends and had front row seats to a show that will go down in Denver history. People were going NUTS!!! The vibes were intense and surreal. There was an omnipotent connection with all the people there like nothing I've ever seen at show that size.

Here are some$ pix from the RedRocks Daft Punk Concert. (That also featured French edBanger electro house legends SebAstian, Kavinsky and Busy P) [on a side note: Busy P now manages Daft Punk and the edBanger label]

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(formally known as the "Dust Brothers" but not the ones that did the fightclub soundtrack, the ones who almost got sued for having the name.)

Ridiculously stunning show last night! I knew I wanted to see Chemical Brothers [at the Fillmore], because they are classic, but I had NO idea what I was in for! Definitely on the top three concerts list. The visuals were stunning and the music was bangin' once again amazing vibes. Through a fuselage of old sounds and modern rhythms Chem Bros were able to capitulate a very original sound. Not to mention the light show was definitely up there with Daft Punk's mind boggling pyramid.

Check this shit out.

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EvenflO said...

Hell yes. Amazing show!! Thanks for posting video, that's one i love to re-live again... and again. :)