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so were you so super sad you didn't have all the tracks in the super l33t summer mix for 07? you totally should be. so lets fill you in a little here.

lets start with the Hail Social track "cherry cola funk!!!!!" this track is def one of my new favs it so kitchy and fun... pretty reminiscent of the tepr sound. really breaky vocals, simple beats yum.

>Cherry-Cola Funk (Sta Mix) - Hail Social

NExt - The sick sick sick sick Feist Rmx of 1234 by Vanshe. Feist's remix album is fucking awesome i'm going to highly suggest it. I will post links for it near the bottom.

>1234 (Vanshe Technologic Rmx) - Feist

I'm trying to kinda get back in touch with my gay side here... i've been missing out a little since i've been so involved in the underground scene here in denver. In anycase if i were gonna throw down a sick track at a gay event this would totally be the one. Probably the best, if the only good [remix], remix of Whitney Houston out there. It has that super rockin electro sound we all have come to adore (from artists like MSTRKRFT, Justice and the edRec Crew) by VNDLSM (its so cute... they are like MSTRKRFT's bffs4eva they even skip the vowels just like MSTRKRFT). Plez enjoi.

>I'm Every Woman (VNDLSM rmx) - Whitney Houston

You want more big gay sexy electro tracks? Oh? Well then boys! HAUL AWAY BOYS HAUL AWAY!

>Haul Away (SDR one night stand ReDUX) - Apostle of Hustle

hope that makes you put yo hands up in the air and shake it like you just dont care!

Feist Wesbite
Get the Feist Open Seasons Remix Album
(buying it on itunes is good too because feist has a contract with them)
An I am pretty sure this is Sta's Myspace [UBER sexy shit for sure]
Stop Die Resuscitate (SDR)

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