mondays music sucks you dont want it

first track is by les rhythmes digitales; more french awesomeness--of course. dont really know too much about them.... "darkdancer" is a cool album tho for sure.

next on the list is by the sole and skyrider band from flagstaff AZ -- some really cool hip hop over some nice instrumental breaks. they are freaken awesome. kind of up the mf doom or prefuse 73 vein. good stuff for sure.

next is a beautifully produced "IDM" track in the telefon tel aviv style --their name is even similar; telephone jim jesus.


>Les Rhythmes Digitales - About Funk
>Sole and the Skyrider Band - The Bones of My Pets
>Telephone Jim Jesus - Birdstatic

hi! cool hair. wish i had the guts to do that, i don't.

lrd website
sole and the skyrider m_spc
telephone jim jesus

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