my disko iz bbrroken

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wow. i have a hangover. this has been an awesome weekend though. definitely the best 21st birthday i'll ever have [pun!] we jammed with KRADDY on Friday... frekkkkken awesome set despite the technical difficulties (see pictures). def "eol". my first time @ tracks on saturday was pretty cool. i was just glad to have friends there, and I'm so happy there wasn't drama bullshiz. I received many various gifts this year thanks everyone!!!! people would not stop buying my drinks. this weekend has been everything i wanted and more. I am so happy to be living in denver and have all the friends I do that I love so dearly.

here are the pictures check em' out for sure!!!

alright. i'll stop getting all sappy-puss-after-school-special all over you guys. so its its its its its its its its its its its cd-skippin sunday SUNDAY! you want some freq'n tunez no? well good news i got a couple hot tracks i'm willing to lay out. first the hot stecky fresh tack by plus Move titled BOSS! I have to say ... I am definitely in love with this track. its freq'n delicious awesome electroey with cool piano breaks nice nice nice bass line. hearts to plusMove.

next in line is a track from the Lovely Chords; "My Disko is Broken" its too cute. Its very reminiscent of Mr Oizo's earlier work. so you gotta love it.

>Plus Move - Boss
>Lovely Chords - My Disko Is Broken

my disko is broken: yes it is.

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