wasted at tiffany's

heck yes. turning 21. seeing kraddy tonight; super sicknezz! if you didn't check out his breaks from the machine mix then you totally should; i have never seen him live before, but i'm quite sure it will be ridiculously phenomenal. i also received a new laptop for my birthday! thanks mom and dad!

$another fucking calvin harris rmx ... damnit why is it so good

>Calvin Harris - Merrymaking at My Place (Mr Oizo Remix)

merrymaking...drug taking... try my baking...
we shoudl follow that up with some more oizo sickness i think ... yeah
[this is possibly on of my fav tracks of all time ... nasty hot swing steppin love beats]

>Mr Oizo - Monday Massacre (ep versn) [!!!]

alright i'm gonna go krimp mah hur n get funky fresh dressed to impress ready to party.

mr.ozio.com hez myspaz

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