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oh frech electro! mmmmmm and krazy baldhead def knows how to throw down those sexy swingin' full note beats. Dry Guillotine is his new album and it is sickety sick sick sick! I first heard him on EdRec vol2 and fell in love with the track "Crazy Motherfuckers" I could not get enough of it! This new cd is like that track amplified over an album. Where as many of the tracks like "applyjuice" and "revolution" have definite dubStep influences the track the album is named after "dry Guillotine" takes a dancier note than his melodic full note tracks like "applejuice" and "revolutions" (the original track not acutally on this particular album)

In any case plz enjoi and def get this album if you do! krazybald head page face

>Crazy Mother Fuckers - Krazy Baldhead (feat on EdRec vol 2)
>Dry Guillotine - Krazy Baldhead
>Applejuice - Krazy Baldhead
>Revolution (original mix) - Krazy Baldhead

who drank my god damn applejuice?

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