$$$talkin about that cache flowe$$$

i've mentioned this cat a couple times now. there is even video postage of him @ the freq mind controlle bbq. this guy is not only a good friend but an amazing producer!! he is really kicking up some dust in the denver IDM scene. He has been featured in zines and newspapers all over. His shit is hot, definitely pressing on new fluxes in electronic music. I think he started producing drum and bass and has acclimated to a whole new level. If you want to hear some raw, juicy amazing shit def check out his next show; I believe his events are posted on his myspace and his website. In any case; love it live it get into it. def get out there and support if you like what youz be hearin'

>Bjork Vs Telefon Tel Aviv - CacheFlowe (mashup)
>Pinnacle - CacheFlowe


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