hello falling leaves

denver is gettin pretty crispy. it was in the high fifties today... brrr... fall is my fav season. new president (omg finally!). new gear. more layers. halloween parties. i like the spring and fall because they are the change seasons. summer is over... man it was a crazy one. the summer has been kicked off well... seeing edIT and ooah @ that warehouse show followed by bassnectar at cervantes. Kraddy is next week @ the snake pit !! i turn 21 on the 15th fuck yes!! i think i'll be doing the 80s room @ tracks (saturday sept 15) if anyone is interested; gonna get my fag on. pleh. but whatevs it should be fun. i'm going to dress up super retro 80s and rock it out.

heres the fall track i've been jammin on:
>Across the Universe - Fionna Apple (beatles cover)

i'm sure yr familiar with it. but its an amazingly beautiful track

ps : welcome jasonRoth & fretty Hesh - soon to be new posters w00t

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