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I'm totally into sci fi - i recently have seen two hot ticket sci fi movies. Transformers and Sunshine... lets start with the bad. the script for transformers must have seriously been written by trained monkeys ... the lines were so cheezy that i think kraft tried to sew them. but the graphix... sOOOOoo sick! i dream about robots everyday. and the transformers in this movie were so fucking cooooooool, if only they were given scripts that weren't made out of toilet paper. beautiful artwork -- terrible plot, scripts, actors, directors etc. so it gets away with its two and a half star rating based pretty much on the fact that robots are fucking awesome. more great hollywood diarrhea.

W00T! and a double W00T! fuck.. even throw in a HAZZAH! this movie was fucking excellent!!! Danny Boyle's best film yet for sure (he did trainspotting, 28 days later, NOT 28 months later that piece of belligerent can of spam) The plot... seemingly indifferent from so many --the sun is dying... now we have to restart it .. oOOoo... but be fooled not! this movie is riveting, suspenseful, intense and most of all beautiful!! i've seen it three times now; i brought my neighbor to the mayan (our local indie theater) to see [this film] who a) doesn't really like sci fi (hasn't even seen starwars... wtf?!) and b) has never seen an independent film in the theater (woah!) --she was floored! flabbergasted! and utterly speechless after the movie; yeah. its that good. so go fucking see it bitches.

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