minimal? why wld yu wnt somethng t be mre mnml?

mnml... i'm not 100% on the minimal bandwagon. minimal is characterized by its small clicks and beeps sound... you really kind of have to hear it to know the sound.
if you really want to get technical about it:

heres the wikipedia definition

they do a pretty good job of capitulating its meaning linguistically.

there is a lot of good minimal out there; i find its best found track by track; just like any genre really. i feel like minimal is better used as an element; like in Promofunk (by soft pink truth). there are def good artists out thr that are considered "minimal" or have strong elements of mnml that are great. some of them that come to mind are; Postal Service, James Figurine, Telepopmusik (french... of course) (on a side note telepopmusik is classically concidered trip hop but you can definitely hear the influence), metronomy does alot of cool stuff to, neavous noise. as far as albums go "genetic World" by telepop is really good; but not totally minimal (pulls as said elements from) --it really does fall more into that trip hop genre. Mnml. yeah.

ps [!!!] from now on means "highly suggested listening"

>Cinnte - Nouveau Noise
>Metronomy - This Could be Beautiful (it is_)
>Telepopmusik - Love can Damage yr Health
>Prefuse 73 - No Origin [!!!]
>Clickits - Audro

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