modeselektor!!!!!!! the two essential questions: are they super sick? and did they influence the decision to name my blog "selektor1"? the answers: yes and yes!!! cuz they is so awesome. before i even get started here i am going to highly suggest the purchase of "Hello Mom!" the album is f*ng amazing period.

they are in fact also associated w/ bPitch Control (ellen Allien's label --berlin being the shared hometown for this homedogs). they do much work with french hip hop hipsters; TTC (more on them to come). Dancing box is probably on of my fav tracks ever. plez enjoi.

>Dancing Box feat TTC - Modeselektor
>Un Bande de Mec Sympa (prod by Modeselektor) - TTC
>Tetris Pack - Modeselektor

whomp whomp whomp click clack whomp whomp

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