more what?? dono what to call it? OK!!1

I'm not even sure what to call this genre of music; full note beats is the main characteristic that ties it together but its not really dubstep. this is the music that makes my brain turn over --the sexiness of dubStep that lets you enjoi every beat and the upBeat 'lectro sound that makes it rock. First track - by Surkin (also from france) Ghetto Obsession (beta Version) from the "Action Replay" album which also includes the original version that is a little housier but still coo. it was featured on a MixMag sampler.

On the other end of the DubStep spectrum is a more glitchy organic sound like that of gangpol Unt Mit who plays mostly IDM sets.

Last is Si Begg - Bangin' so whompy!!!! this song makes my brains explode i love it so much! Spot on just breaky enough just dubby enough.. frekken sick!!!!

>Surkin - Ghetto Obsession (beta Version)
>Gangpol Unt Mit - Le Sorbet de Cassis
>Si Begg - Bangin'


surkin's myspace
gangpol und mit website
si begg official website
si begg website includes some sick samples and lots of cool producer stuff i would def give that one a once round

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