THis is the first post!!!11 This should be a pretty sick blog. hope you all like it. Let me tell you some things about myself.... i guess would be the cool thing to do here.

i'm from Denver. i'm pretty involved in the underground electronic music dance dance scene out here as well as the art and independent film scene out here so it pretty coo. i guess i'm just a fucking scene queen! but whats a guy to do?

also. i also like getting down and krunky on the dancefloor ... glitchy whomptarded electro beats .. dubstep .. i like folk music too.

i'm not sure what direction the blog is heading in yet. i know it will definitely have music available (ps if anyone for any reason wants certain track(s) removed from the site just contact me via email and i will totally oblige) i like to think that you would find artist from my blog and then go out and buy there album if you enjoy the music --PLEASE BUY DIRECTLY FROM ARTIST!!!--when you do so.. in the music industry today unfortunately many artists see almost no profits from their work I try to buy as many albums as I can especially from independent artists and small labels. I will leave links to all artist's websites when I can ... its so important that you support these people they make our minds melt and we gotta repreznt. so fo sho... sorry about the shpeil...

in any case my aim and yahoo and shit should all be on here so feel free to hit me up :)


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