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SOft Pink Truth and My Robot Friend. Woo. they are both a party. Both from the USa... i think soft pink is from San Fran - a side project of Matmos. My robot Friend is from Nyork Nyork. The energy from these two bands are both incredible and both branch the electronic genre out beyond that of most artists... they aren't exactly big names but I feel like they are spot on with a new generation of music coming around the corner.

"Promofunk" is a single by soft pink --again catching that unpredictable minimal sound but still retaining a more dancey upbeat feel.

"Walt Whitman" from my robot Friend's "hot action" album is the first track i'd heard of theirs; i was immediately attracted to the fact that there is no conical genrezation for the track, and its very funny. it gives it almost a beatlesesque feel, similar to maybe Of Montreal. "What Women Want" catches the housier side of MRF; also from the "hot action" album, its ambient and also captures the priceless comedy of MRF's music. "Hot action" is a wicked cool album, especially if you like albums that dont make the tracks sound all the same.

The Soft Pink Truth - PromoFunk
>My Robot Friend - Walt Whitman
>My Robot Friend - I Know What Women Want


soft pink truth website
my robot friend website

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