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CRYSTAL CASTLES ROCK MY ATARI IZZZOUT. I'll admit i'm not a HUGE fan of the "8-bit genre" but crystal castles is a def exception. how can I even describe their music... its... just cool and stuff... i probably like them because they are so weird.

Str8 from canadia Crystal Castles was an "accidental formation," and has become supr popular in the music blog scene. The band has recently done some collaboration with the electro band Health.

The track "Alice Practices" is actually crystal castle's first "ep" --apparently alice [the singer] didn't even know ethan [the multi-instrument master] was recording her at the time.

plez enjoi: crystal castles

>air war - crystal castles [!!!]
>knights - crystal castles
>Alice practices - crystal castles
>crimewave (crystal castles vs health) - health

ok good

heres thr myspace

i got short breaths i got torn eyelids

and you can buy there album here

what what what ?! bonus bonus bonus bonus track?!

dubstep + nintendo
>Mario whatStep Legend of Zelda - A2dGee

i really hope yr brains are exploding at this point

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