ode to M.I.A.

if you haven't heard of her yet: then get with it. she's the shizzz for sure. she's a brazilian pop musician; very grimy, very political, very artistic, very f*in cool. both "arular" (2005) and her new album kala (2007) are incredible albums of grimy hot beats. I just bought "kala" the other day and i am thoroughly impressed. i was a little skeptical since arular was so amazing; she created it when she met Diplo at a club in london and they definitely created something amazing.

the new album kala is only 7.99 on itunes (and even tho thats not buying it straight from her [where it costs $18 w/ shipping) and I would highly highly recommend it [!!!] the tracks on it range from 2-step garrage sounds like the track "boyz" (produced with Switch also topping the charts all over [except america, of course, where the general public doesn't really appreciate music]). While there are clear dubstep elements in "20 dollar" (which probably come from working with Switch) to sounds that bring ABBA flash backs into my mind (although M.I.A. fuckin rocks it grime style) (in "Jimmy") (made the tokyo hot 100). This album is so fucking cool; I'm so excited to have purchased it. M.I.A.'s first mixtape was known as "Piracy is Terrorism" --which I don't entirely agree with... but I will once again reiterate; you should buy her fucking albums!!! they are both totally worth it!!!!! i'm only sampling music of hers so that you will buy her fucking albums ok!
thnx love _johnnylectric

>Sunshowers - M.I.A
>Sunshowers (Surkin Rmx) - M.I.A
>Bucky Done Gone - M.I.A
>20 Dollar - M.I.A. [!!!]

heres her website
and her frekken myspace

sunshowers is evidently about stopping gun violence....
god i love her

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