who the f is TEPR?

honestly i've been asking myself the same questions... he's from france (like most of my favorite electro artists) his first albums are more experimental electro crunchy beats while "the Deadly Masters of Rappers from Hell" album took a more minimalistic turn.. are we seeing a pattern in the music i dig or what here? "krow Ta" is from the dmorfh album; when i first heard it my heart totally exploded --its got samples from the Dark Crystal in it (like my 3rd all time fav movie) unfortunately the track doesn't sound great over a system --but for jammin in yr headgear its epic!! "coke and cream" comes from the latest album "en direct de la cote." "Minuit Jacuzzi" is a side project done with a french rap artist named grand Marnier; with a super sick swing beat. hot stuff all around.

>krow Ta - Tepr
>coke and cream - Tepr
>Minuit jacuzzi - Tepr (feat grand Marnier)

get down get down get down get down get down

the tepr homepage that is really sick

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