Ed Rec Vol 1 & 2 ... you want revolutionary sound --french artists of the EdBanger record label (including huge upcoming artists like Justice, SebAstian, Mr Oizo and Busy P) will r0x0rz yr s0x0rz fr sure! all of the artists have a tight grasp on the electro rock revolution, I had the luck to see SebastiAn, Busy P and Kavinsky at DAFT PUNK @ RedRocks (more on that later) --amazing shit.. unfortunately they were only spinning out tracks. Wheres the Live PA?! I wont post any tracks from the actual albums but trust me they are fucking amazing and definitely worth the pocket change.

Mr Oizo's first track ever - transexual is so freakin kitchy. He also wrote the intro song on the promo vid - (first under the title Trina700). SebastiAn's track "HAL"... just listen. The amazing dubstep elements coalesced with the super electro elements are soooo sick and definitely for me was a stepping stone into an all new world of electronic music.


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